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Hiking, hot air balloon ride, sea diving, kite & wind surfing, parasailing and quad biking are different kinds of adventure activities which you can experience in Egypt.

Mt.Sinai Trekking

Hiking up the biblical mountain to reach the 2285m peak is a special experience you’ll find in few destinations around the globe. Mystical, spiritual, natural and uncanny, there is something awe inspiring in a night walk along the rocky path under a starry night sky while following a candle lit trail of pilgrims as they march up Mount Sinai. It is worth mentioning that there are two ways to climb the Mount Sinai, one of which is the camel path traced by the Egyptian viceroy Abbas Hilmi Pasha. It is preferable to follow this trail for the climb and to use the stairs route that was built by the monastery monks for the descent. It is also possible to ride a camel on the Hilmi Pasha path.

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Hot Air Ballooning

A Hot Air Balloon ride in the early morning is one of the most breathtaking ways to see Luxor. The sunrise view you’ll catch while floating up in the clouds is really worth waking up early, the way the sun hits the magnificent temples and lights up the green of the Nile banks is a sight you will never forget.

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4x4 Safari to a Bedouin Village

For an inspiring experience on your sun and sea holiday in Sharm el-Sheikh, try driving a 4X4 to one of the Bedouin villages in the middle of the desert and get a glimpse of their timeless life-style. As a guest, you’ll be honored by the very welcoming tribes who will surely serve you a herbal tea and invite you to share a shisha.

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Diving in Ras Mohammed

Egypt’s first protected area is a world-famous region with several top diving locations. The area of Ras Mohammed is a cape formed by ancient corals, which you can see emerging on the surface of the sea.

It is indisputably one of the most beautiful places in South Sinai. Due to currents carrying out of the Gulf of Aqaba, the underwater inhabitants of the area are simply exceptional and a lot of fish come here from the open seas in search of food and shelter: you’ll observe an unperceived abundance of hard and soft corals, as well as big schools of tuna, barracuda, jackfish and even sharks.

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Kite and Windsurfing in Safaga

Back in 1993, Safaga had hosted the Red Sea World Windsurfing Competition; this should give you a hint about the wind and water conditions in this part of the Red Sea! Safaga is set on one of the world’s top kite and wind surfing destinations, a gulf that is totally free of any immediate reef systems, has amazingly crystal clear and safe waters, ensuring perfect conditions for all boarding activities.

Most of Safaga’s hotels will help you get in contact with kite and windsurfing professionals to master your technique.

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Parasailing in Hurghada

While on a summer holiday in Hurghada, you are most likely to be offered a parasailing ride by your hotel, or an on-site diving/water activities centre. If you haven’t experienced the thrill of gliding through the air before, consider your Hurghada holiday as the perfect time and place to do it.

Most of Hurghada’s all-inclusive holiday resorts offer parasailing among their featured water activities, and can arrange single, double or even triple rides. The beautiful shore, eastern desert, and mountains views you’ll catch from above will make you soon forget that you’re floating in the air, all alone, hanging down a parachute being taken along by a speed boat.

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Quad Biking in Siwa

Take a quad bike tour across the beautiful landscape surrounding Siwa Oasis. You’ll find several places in the oasis that rent out quad bikes, so take a ride around and watch the sun set or rise and change the colours of the desert terrain.

No experience is needed for this fun activity; just make sure you take a scarf and sunglasses or goggles to protect your face from the sand and that you are accompanied by a guide.

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