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 Egypt Holiday Ideas


Egypt In One Go
Visit the major icons of EGYPT in one go. Gems of Egypt takes you through one of Egypt’ s must-see attractions the Great Pyramid – the only surviving wonder of the ancient world. Combine it with a visit to Luxor – the world’s largest open-air museum, the magnificent Nile Cruise from Aswan to Luxor with Belly and Nubian dance performances en route or the beach resort of Sharm El Sheikh or Hurghada. Everything that a first time visitor to Egypt shouldn’t miss.

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Go Beyond the Popular Icons
Heading to Cairo, explore the hidden treasure of places close by where you could experience a Felucca ride on the Nile or visit a Nubian Village or Abu Simbel from Aswan or climb Moses’ Mountains to see the sunrise. There are many such hidden treasures to explore and our EGYPT Specialists will be more than happy to assist you to visit places beyond the popular icons – A must do for your second visit to Egypt.

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Choose Your Own Experience
You would like a Camel ride, let’s add it! You want to snorkel or enjoy the beaches of Hurghada, done. Do you want to go on a desert safari on horseback? No problem.  Choose whatever experience you desire and we will make sure your wish comes true.

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Spice Up Your Short City Stays 
Travelling to Egypt on business or visiting friends and want to extend your stay in one of the big cities ? Why not plan day trips to nearby attractions? Whether you wish to visit the Pyramids, Aswan- the city with one of the most beautiful ancient temples in the world, and Alexandria – “The Pearl of the Mediterranean”. Add Spice to your city stays: entertainment, culture, cuisine, shopping…and more during your short stay in Egypt.

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Indulge Without Boundaries
Become King for a week or two in the Land of the Pharoahs. Stay in super luxury resorts on the Red Sea coast , stay in a charming boutique hotel in the Siwa Oasis region or cruise along the Nile on one of the magical cruise liners equipped with a fully serviced spa. Plan a tour without strings – full of one of the most royal experiences on the planet. Egypt, has it all.

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Pursue A Hobby When On Vacation
Whether it is diving, quad biking, hiking, snorkeling or capturing images, this segment gives you choices from adventure to photography to sports. No matter what your passion, Egypt is the place to pursue it.

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Winners Do Things Differently
Have you had enough of the stereotype holidays? Are you looking for something totally different and are willing to take back some interesting memories such as exploring the hidden oasis of Faiyum or the step pyramid of Saqqara or the Suez Canal, Egypt will captivate you.

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A Great Mix of Budget & International Friends
Are you on a budget or do you enjoy back packing? Do you want to save on transport and stay and instead spend on activities and attractions? Do all this and here’s a bonus – you get to travel with people from across the world! You may even make some friends for life.

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Elongate the Fun
Egypt is a fascinating place where even 20 days is not good enough to explore the country. However, if you do have time in hand, inquire with Namaste EGYPT team who will be glad to put you in touch with our destination experts and offer extensions to Dubai, Turkey, Greece, Oman or even one of the European countries en route to break your journey in Switzerland, France or Italy whilst heading back home. 

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